Valentin Graser

A singer/songwriter in his own right, Valentin is the stellar voice of NAT BANA. With a unique approach to singing and a distinctive voice to distinguish himself, he truly is one of the modern greats. He already published a solo album with the title "Closed Windows", which is available on almost any streaming service. Valentin likes The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Ray Charles, Bob Dylan, and many more.

Mick Geronimo Fox

Mick had originally been a drummer and drummer only, but got so obsessed with Pink Floyd in spring 2016 that he wanted to play guitar the way David Gilmour does. Well, it may still take (a lot of) time to get to these high degrees of playing, yet he managed to play drums, guitars and bass on "Nat Bana". His favourite bands are Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Oasis, and many more.